At REDS we offer driving instruction/coaching at all stages of the Graduated Drivers Licencing System.  Safe, economical driving techniques, good decision making skills, hazard identification and response are all taught and encouraged.

Automatic transmission in Driving School car.  Tuition in client's own manual car.

We provide the following services:

Restricted Licence Preparation

  • Class 1 Driving Instruction
  • Complete beginner
  • Moving Safely to your restricted licence
  • Assessments - Am I ready to sit my Restricted Licence Test?

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Full Licence Preparation
  • Hazard Id and commentary driving
  • Moving safely to your Full Licence
  • Assessments - Am I ready to sit my Full Licence Test?
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Defensive Driving Courses

  • The AA Licenced, NZQA approved, course of four 2 hour classroom sessions and a 1 hour in-car drive.
  • Held monthly on 4 non-consecutive days over 2 weeks.


Other Services
  • Polishing up my skills
  • Driver skills assessment/evaluations
  • Overseas Licence Conversion support.
  • Older Driver coaching.
  • Night Driving.
  • Open Road Driving.
  • Driver Evaluations for Individuals, Businesses and Corporate Fleets.


Driver Education Programmes and Workshops 
  • "Being a Great Supervisor/Coach" workshops for parents/caregivers and others - suitable for Schools, Youth Groups and other organisations.
  • In-school Driver Education Programmes (Fully registered teacher).
  • Senior Drivers Workshops.


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