Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers Course

The Defensive Driving Course for Experienced Drivers  is for people on a full licence who want to update their driving ability and knowledge to become safer drivers on our increasingly crowded roads.

The course, developed by the AA, promotes a positive philosophy towards developing responsible driving attitudes and behaviours. 

Over the single, 3.5-hour course, you will learn the importance of being constantly alert and aware of the driving environment, the need to assess both your own abilities and the attitudes of other road users, and even discover some road rules that you either didn't know or had forgotten!

In addition the course will cover:

  • Managing and reducing your driving risks on the road
  • Understanding your own driving profile
  • Searching and Scanning
  • Identifying and responding to hazards
  • Coping with road conditions and handling your vehicle(s).

The benefits of the course include:

  • Learning new skills to help you become a safer driver, less likely to be involved in a crash
  • Learning new driving behaviours which can reduce vehicle maintenance costs and help reduce fuel costs.
  • A certificate - a valid workplace qualification which can contribute towards NZQA Unit Standards (especially 3465) or as required by the Police or the Courts.

Martin, at REA L  EXPERIENCE DRIVING SCHOO L , is currently the only Licenced Provider of the DDED outside Auckland, Kapati and Wellington.



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COST $125 incl GST

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